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How to Flip a Flop – Cake Failure, Trifle Success

I think I may have mentioned this before but just in case I was not clear or did not really impart this bit of fact strongly enough on you all – I am not really the worlds best baker. Rather frequently my attempts at baking success turn into baking flops. From pop overs that never pop to cakes that never set I find myself more often than not answering the beckoning call of my egg timer to find a gloopy, gooey, sticky, or alternatively, extremely over-baked mess.

Generally there is not much I can do to rectify whatever misstep I made that landed me in baking hell. Amazingly, however, when we looked at what was supposed to be genoise that had turned into a hardened cakey rock as a result of a miscalculation of cooking time I had a lightbulb moment – “Aha! (thought my brain in a rare moment of clarity) I shall make a trifle!” and so I did. And it was delicious. And I would seriously recommend that next time you peer into the oven to find an over baked cake you do the same.


Strawberry Trifle with Custard and Whipped Cream

1 Over Baked Cake Cut into Cubes (or a pound cake cut into cubes – feel free to make one yourself no need to over bake or alternatively buy one from the store as cake perfection is seriously not required for this recipe to succeed)

For Strawberries
1 Quart of Strawberries Sliced
1/4 Cup Sugar

For Whipped Cream
1.5 Cups Whipping Cream
2 TBSP Sugar

For Custard
2 Cups Whole Milk
2 Cups Cream
6 TBSP Sugar
1 Vanilla Pod Sliced Lengthwise
8 Egg Yolks

Mix strawberries and sugar in a bowl and allow to macerate.

To make the custard mix the milk, cream, and 4 TBSP sugar in a pan over medium low heat. Scrape vanilla pod seeds into the pot and add the pods as well. Stir until boiling. Turn off the heat and allow the pot to sit for 2 mins for vanilla to infuse.

Whisk yolks with 2 TBSP sugar in a medium bowl.

Strain cream mixture into a glass measuring cup. With a whisk in hand gradually add cream to yolks mixing all the while so that the egg yolks don’t cook and separate from the cream.

Place custard mixture back on the stove and whisk continuously until thick and smooth.

Place custard in the refrigerator until cooled.

Whip cream medium speed until lightly whipped.

In a large bowl layer the custard, strawberries, cake and whipped cream ending with whipped cream on the top. If desired peak the whipped cream with a spoon to create a wavey texture. Enjoy!

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